Best Social Media Sources

So many organizations are new to social media right now and are trying to navigate through the waters.  Questions like, “How do we figure gain followers? What kind of blog posts should we write? How do I make people care about my cause?”  are the ones posed to me most often. I decided that I’d write a post about some posts that are the best sources for social media guidance.

1. Hubspot – tons of articles on any topic
2. Social Media Today – many different authors contribute to this online portal for social media, all articles are moderated.
3. Other Twitter users – there are just so many great folks on twitter who give expert advice for free. I really like @smmguide @socialmedia411
4. KissMetrics. I cannot say enough how much I love reading their blog.
5. Experience. Part of the thrill of social media is getting out there and doing it. Sure, you’ll probably screw up at least once. Probably multiple times. But that’s okay.

Overall, the online community is incredibly diverse and quite inclusive. It’s okay to learn for companies to learn as they go and to just ‘wing it.’ You don’t have to be big to be great. You build greatness through one customer (follower) at a time. The key is just to be interesting, be clear, and be thankful. Following those basic rules, and doing a bit of research, will go a long way toward social media literacy.

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